I've lost my mind

Why do we continue to vote for what we perceive to be the best of the worse professional politicians, rather researching and trying to find a candidate, no matter the party affiliation, that shares our views, really wants to help us and will provide a service to the voters?

Why does our defense spending account for 41% of the entire world’s military spending when we haven’t had a serious need to defend our home soil from another country’s military force since the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan over 71 years ago?

Why does the federal government spend $6 billion a year for the salaries and benefits of 535 professional politicians, especially when 261 of them are millionaires, considering the non-stop bickering, at all levels of government, about the budget deficit and the “fiscal cliff”?

Why do we continue to allow a government that’s supposed to be of the people, by the people, for the people to be ran by professional politicians who continue to do nothing but support, protect and bailout their friends and contributors at the expense of the voters who elected them?